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We are CANCELING our Thursday Evening January 20th Worship Service Due to the extreme cold forecasted for tonight!

Instead, watch Pastor Dale's Message on Facebook Live on the Cowboy Church Facebook Page tonight at 7 pm.

We will see you all again this Sunday at 11 am!


Happy New Year!


from the

Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church!


The Following is our current Cowboy Church Newsletter

"The Gateway Round-Up"


Howdy Pardners,


We have CANCELED our Thursday (Today) January 20th “in-person” worship service at the Cowboy Church due to the extreme cold and some sickness among our musicians and others leading the worship. We do plan to have our Sunday January 23rd morning service at 11 am, so we hope to see you all then.


I will try (if we have a cell signal at the house tonight) to do a Bible message tonight (Thursday January 20th) on Facebook Live at 7 pm from our home, on the Cowboy Church Facebook Page. If you go to our Cowboy Church Facebook Page today and put a “Like” on it (If you have not already given our page a Like before this), then a notice of our Live Broadcast will come up on your Facebook Timeline.


We will have Cowtown (Children’s Worship) Sunday morning! Thanks to Suzanne Tillinger for leading Cowtown last Sunday while Daffany Hood was away.


We have now put together the Potential 5-Year Action Plan for the Cowboy Church, which we gave out copies of this past Sunday and Thursday. If you did not get your copy, you can see a copy of that Plan at the bottom of this newsletter. Other actions can still be added to it. Also, if you see something on the Plan that you would like to lead, we are now looking for volunteer “Point Riders” (Leaders) for these actions that don’t already have Point Riders.


You can let me know if you would either like to be a Point Rider for an Action, or if you would like to help with a particular action. Please prayerfully think about these potential actions and then respond back to me. You may respond, even by answering this email Newsletter saying that you would like to lead a certain action, or tell me at the Cowboy Church Worship Service on Sunday.


I do have forms that can help each Point Rider organize and plan their chosen Action, as well as decide on dates and times for planning meetings with folks interested in helping with your Action and setting the perceived goals for your Action, I will bring those forms starting this Sunday.


With the Covid virus still very much making the rounds, if you are not feeling well, or if you have a bad cough, sneezing, sour throat, or other symptoms, please stay home and take care of yourself, and let us know so we can add you to our prayer list. We would instead encourage you to watch our service on Facebook Live if you can until you are feeling better. Thank You!



Our study in, “The Complete Green Letters” written by Miles J. Stanford is now on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 3 pm. We have completed the second chapter in the book entitled, “The Realization of Spiritual Growth”. If you have been with us through the last three study sessions, or you are looking for some answers as to God’s way of Christian spiritual growth, we hope you will check it out. The studies are led by me and are recorded on our Church Facebook Page. You may either join us live on Facebook for the newest study lesson on Wednesdays at 3 pm, or you may watch them later on the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church Facebook Page.


The Church Financial Report from Sandy: Our General Fund, at last report, was $5,164.58 (Jan 11, 2022). Our Building Fund is at $4,218.88.

Thank you, everyone!


For those who wish to send your tithes and offerings by mail, the address is:


Gateway Cowboy Church

PO Box 45

Clark, Missouri 65243


Thank you to all of you who give at the Cowboy Church by placing your offering in our Offering Boot Box at the church, or that faithfully send your offering through the mail! You are all very much appreciated!


Our Worship Service times are Sundays at 11 am and Thursdays at 7 pm.

May the Good Lord Keep Your Trails Clear of Every Danger, and May all of them be Happy Trails for You and Your Families!


God Bless and Happy Trails!

Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison


Below is our Potential Action Plan:


Potential Plan of Action for the Next Five Years

The Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church

Jan 2022 to Dec 2026

The Potential Action Plan Actions are listed under the 5 categories of a growing and active Christian Church. Those categories are Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry, and Worship. There will often be benefit from each Action for the other categories, as well.


Our Anchor Scripture in all we do during this 5-year period is Matthew 28:18-20, which is known as “The Great Commission. ”Then Jesus said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.’”


The Final Action Plan will include those Actions which have church members that step forward and say they are willing to be the Point Riders (Leaders, Planners, Organizers, and Implementors) of the Action. Those Actions we will seek to plan and then put on the Cowboy Church Calendar.


(We know we cannot accomplish all of these potential actions in the first of the 5 years, but these ideas give us great latitude to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is a Five-Year plan and some of these actions may be implemented later in this 5-year period!)


Many of these proposed actions stem from our recent Wrangler Meeting and the ideas put forward during that brainstorming session. We are very much open to other ideas besides those listed here if anyone else has an Action they would like to lead.


Evangelism (Including Outreach)

  1. Outreach: Visit with young families in our neighborhoods or our own families and invite them to come. (Everyone can be a Point Rider for this action!)
  2. Do some family-oriented events in the surrounding communities like city park picnics and games. Invite the families to church. (Needs a Point Rider)
  3. Social media posts about the things that are going on for the young folks.

Brandi Beagle is going to post Cowboy Church events for youths, adults, and families to Twitter and Instagram and set up a youth page for the Cowboy Church. (Brandi Beagle Point Rider)

  1. Have activities where the young parents and their children can build relationships with each other.

Suzanne Tillinger is going to be the Point Rider for a monthly meeting (Trail Blazers) for a meal and games for them. (Suzanne Tillinger Point Rider for Trail Blazers) (Need Point Riders for other children’s activities along these lines.)

  1. We need more activities for Non Horse members: We already have the Peep Shoot, the Fall Festival, and the Chuckwagon Dinner. Some suggestions for other activities were:
  1. A Car Show- (Jack Beagle and Chris Scott volunteered to be point riders for this


  1. The dog training and agility classes or clinics (Cindy Green and Jacque Barker

Point Riders)

  1. Some kinds of skills classes like cooking, knitting, etc.(Janie Wells Point Rider for

Kids Skills Class.)

D) Maybe have a Farmers Market/Craft Sale. (Needs a Point Rider)

E)Have a Music Festival where we have music out in the arena. Invite some of the

area churches to bring their musicians and come join ours for some Christian/Cowboy/Bluegrass music (and of course the surrounding community folk too) (Needs a Point Rider)

F) Women's and Men's Bible Study and maybe even a Couples’ Bible Study or Home

Prayer Groups (Needs a Point Rider)


  1. Several members mentioned wanting to order more T-shirts and hoodies. We have some folks that are checking prices through connections they have to find us the best price they can. Chris Scott mentioned clings and bumper stickers for our vehicles too, with the Cowboy Church name and address, as well as our website, on them. We might also look into some business cards with the church name and address and website on them, as well as Pastor Dale's name and our times of services. These would be nice to give to people when we invite them to come to church. (Point Riders Needed.)
  2. How comfortable are we in sharing Jesus with others? A lot of members raised their hands when asked if they were uncomfortable doing it. (Ron Brookshire said he would give a class on ways to share Jesus.)
  3. What about a horse tack swap meet? (Point Rider Needed.)
  4. We can work with local 4H groups. (Point Rider Needed.)
  5. Trunk-or-treat in our parking lot for area kids at Halloween. (Point Rider Needed.)
  6. Horse Health Clinic in the Arena..(Erinn Scott Point Rider)
  7. Horse Fun Show (Jacque Barker and MaryAnn Larison Point Riders)
  8. Barrel Race (Needs a Point Rider)
  9. Horse/Rider Skills Clinic and Trail Obstacle Clinic (Dona Fox and Sandy

Bemboom Point Riders)

  1. Vacation Bible School (One Day in August) (Point Rider/Director Needed)
  2. A Revival at the Church (Point Riders Needed to Organize a Revival)



  1. Start the Bible Stampede (Sunday School for All Ages) again once Covid subsides to lower levels.
  2. Start a New Green Letters Study Group (Christian Spiritual Growth Study) on-line on Facebook Live starting at the beginning of the book. Continue the Green Letters study for those that have been in the study for the first 3 Sessions. (Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Point Riders)
  3. What can we offer teens? Right now we don't have any teens coming to the church. We are beginning to explore the idea of a Youth Pastor. But we need to look into what we would actually need to pay them and how could we afford to do that?
  4. We need more Cowtown teachers and substitute teachers! (Volunteers Needed)



  1. They would like to have more outdoor summer activities. We had some suggestions for some of those:
  2. Drive in movie night (Needs a Point Rider)
  3. A dog show of some kind (Needs a Point Rider)
  4. Dog training and agility classes or clinics (Cindy Green and Jacque Barker are point riders on these)
  5. 4H activities sponsored by the church, maybe a rabbit show or something (Needs a Point Rider)
  6. An old-fashioned church picnic with tables outside and games like sack races and music (Needs a Point Rider)
  7. It was also suggested we could wear nametags to get familiar with each other's names. Dave

Binney suggested maybe we could do that on potluck days only.

  1. Board Game Night at the Church (Needs a Point Rider)
  2. Movie Night at the Cowboy Church (Dave and Sue Binney Point Rider)
  3. Organize a welcoming team to welcome guests that come to the Cowboy Church for the first time. Maybe build a welcome booth or stand just inside the front door of the church. (Point Rider Needed)


  1. We already are helping church members and community folks with meals and other needs as we are made aware of the need. Anyone who wants can let us know that you would like to be included in our meal train ministry, etc. we will gladly add you to the list. (More Point Riders for these actions are needed.)
  2. We support many missionaries!

As a small church we cannot afford to support a missionary family by ourselves, so we give a portion of our offerings to Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program which supports thousands of missionaries worldwide.

  1. Some talk of a mission trip, perhaps to help a new Cowboy Church somewhere put on a horse show and/or do a VBS. (Needs a Point Rider
  2. Auction to raise funds to build our Arena Announcer Stand. (Point Riders for the Auction and then

Workers to build it!)

  1. Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (Volunteers Always Needed! Talk with Wayne and Cathy Walker and Ron and Beth Brookshire, all of which currently are Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers and members of our Cowboy Church.)
  2. Organize a Church Security Team. (Point Rider Needed)



Need to pray more during the services: (Pastor Dale has already started implementing this. He has also added a devotional by Ron Brookshire in which he also says a prayer as well as the musicians saying a prayer at the end of the services.)

Pastor Dale will start the Trail Boss’ Buckaroos Again soon for the children.

Our Cowboy Band is expanding, with the addition of Greg Rasmussen.




Our 2021 Horse Fun Show was a Great Success!
Thank You Jesus!

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Worship Service Times!

Our Worship Service times are:

Sundays at 11 am

Thursdays at 7 pm

Arena Ribbon Cutting and Horse Fun Show

Our New Arena Ribbon Cutting and Horse Fun Show October 23rd, was a great success!

We thank the Good Lord for our beautiful New Arena and we thank all that helped us build it by their donations and their hard work! God Bless you all as we now have a facility that will be a great outreach tool for the Church to the Cowboy/Horse Loving Culture in Central Missouri for many years to come.



Trail Riding Clinic Oct 9th

The Clinic, led by Dona Fox, on October 9th was a great success, with 10 horses and riders learning allot on how to handle all kinds of obstacles on the trails! We will be doing more of these clinics in the future!

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