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Howdy Pardners,


Our 10-year Cowboy Church Anniversary Celebration services last Sunday and Monday were Awesome!

A total of about 100 people attended the two services. It was so great to see some of our former members that helped us get up and going in our early years. I think everyone enjoyed the historical walk, through memory lane, with the 270+ slides of scenes from the past. The slideshow was put to the outstanding music of the “Ten Gallon Hat Cowboy Band”, that helped us draw the crowds those first 3 years in Columbia. And it was really nice to have the Potluck Dinners again after a full year without them. Thanks to everyone that brought the delicious food of every sort and kind!


But most of all, we thank the Good Lord for having blessed our church family in so many wonderful ways during these last 10 years. We have listened to His Holy Spirit every step of the way and we have stayed true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and true to His Holy Word, the Bible. For that, He has shown great favor upon us these 10 years. Now, let’s saddle-up and ride together into the future, in this same way; listening to His Holy Spirit and stepping out in faith as we stand firmly with the Word of God!


News Flash!

A New Thursday Worship Service Starts June 10th at the Cowboy Church!


At this Historical Milestone Moment in our Church’s walk with God, we are going to make a momentous move at this time. Please note that Monday May 31st at 7 pm, will be our last Monday Night Worship Service. We are now going to move our 10-year Monday Tradition to Thursday evenings! The First Thursday Worship Service will be on June 10th, and every Thursday after that, starting at 7 pm. (Our Sunday Services will still be at 11 am!)


I took a poll of our Monday attenders and the vast majority either said that this was a good idea, or at least that it was OK with them. Doing this will make Thursday a true Mid-week service for the Cowboy Church and a chance for our church family to renew and have some spiritual food in the middle of their week. It will also give more time for me to get prepared, as well as our teachers and musicians. We would certainly welcome you to attend both services! Thursday night will have a different Bible message from Sunday and different music. There will also be added, more time for corporate prayer of the members, which is something we have been wanting to do. Please help us build this into something special, by making every effort to attend this New Mid-Week Thursday Service starting June 10th.


Work Day Needed!

With the Arena Roof Construction to begin soon, we need to have a Work Day at the Cowboy Church soon to dismantle the arena fencing. The fence will need to be removed for the construction equipment to maneuver. We could use a couple of tractors with loaders on the front and many strong hands to dismantle and put onto the tractor loaders, the arena fence panels. Then to off-load them from the tractors and maybe lean them against the trees beside the arena.

I will be talking to all of you at the church this Sunday and Monday to see if we can set a time and date that works for everyone.


Pastor’s Perspective

I usually save my preaching for Sunday and Monday (Soon to be Thursday). But I wanted to encourage you to pray daily and seek God’s Face on the issues of our day. Our world and our nation need our prayers more than ever. I said before the 2020 elections that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election, then we Conservative Christians would enter a time of great spiritual battle. That is exactly what has happened, though I am one that still feels certain the election was fraudulent and corrupt! Biden has ramped up abortions of innocent unborn children across America and across the world by sending millions to Planned Parenthood and other abortion entities and he and the Left have ramped up support of gays and transgenders in our land and in girls’ sports, with men allowed to go into little girls’ locker rooms. He is mandating that religious institutions be forced to hire gays and transgenders and for religious institutions to pay for abortions. All of which goes against their strongly held faith beliefs. He has opened the border floodgates to illegal aliens by the hundreds of thousands, while using taxpayer funds to pay for them. Now they want to make ballot harvesting legal and Voter ID laws illegal, ensuring the left will win all future elections. His reversal of President Trump’s policies have caused prices to skyrocket, with everything from gas, food, housing, and lumber, to you name it. The left is defunding the police and giving support to anti-American groups like the BLM and Antifa. On the other hand, the FBI and CIA are investigating Trump supporters and seemingly ignoring Hunter Biden and Hillary. And Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s policies toward foreign nations, such as Iran and China and the Palestinians in Israel have caused the destabilization of the world, resulting in what is going on in Israel even as I write this, not to mention China’s military build-up and North Korea threatening the world once again. Russians are even shutting down our gas pipelines and we are paying ransoms to get them back up and going.


We, as a nation have turned away from God. God has sent us signs like 9/11, Hurricanes, Fires and Floods to call us back. Many Americans take their cues as to what is right, not from the Word of God and the pulpits in the churches anymore, but from Hollywood, Network and Cable TV, and Social Media, all godless entities and minions of Satan. The Spiritual Battle is on and it is real! Let us pray for our nation and the world and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. The Church has to lead America back to God if we are to have any hope of receiving His blessings again. Let us start it at the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church. Let us, in the Spirit of Jesus, truly be the Gateway for God to reach our nation and our nation to reach Almighty God. Let us seek His forgiveness in repentance and His leadership through His Word in our nation once again. Come join us this Sunday and Monday evening as we worship Him and seek His Face.


Events Coming Up!


“Sunday Morning Bible Stampede” (Sunday School) is now up and going again at the Cowboy Church at 10 am for all ages. The teachers are ready and excited to get the Sunday Stampede going once more! We have two adult classes, with Wayne Walker and Ron Brookshire leading them. MaryAnn and I will be teaching the Youth. Daffany Hood and Linda Sharp are teaching the children, (We still need two toddlers’ teachers! Let me know if you can help us with this important class), and Cindy Green will take care of the Bed Babies! We hope you will join us at 10 am!


Our campaign to bring in the last $23,000 of the total $111,000 needed for our New Horse Arena Roof at the Cowboy Church is going strong! WE NEED ALL OF OUR CHURCH FAMILY MEMBERS TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS EFFORT! What can you contribute to help the Cowboy Church get this Arena Roof built? Please prayerfully consider what you want to give and I hope you will give sacrificially to help us, as the other folks in the church family have already done. Every dollar given gets us that much closer to our goal to pay for this New Horse Arena Roof!


You can help the Church raise these final needed funds for the Arena Roof by sending one of the brochures the Arena Roof Committee has made, along with a cover letter from me, out to your friends that might want to help us. On the cover letter, write a personal note from you to your friends about what we are doing and a personal, “Thank You” for any help they might be able to give. (a number of our church members and we have already received back several nice donations from the letters we sent out!)


This August 5th – a One Day Vacation Bible School “Destination Dig!” (as in archeological digging – “Kids will uncover the Bible Truths about Jesus!”)


October – The Buckaroo Fall Festival – (We plan to have our own Barrel Train for the kids made by that time! (Ray Spencer and Ron Brookshire are planning and working on that!)


(We will also be planning a Horse Fun Show, and a Horse Clinic for Kids this summer, once our Arena Roof is completed this spring, not to mention horse riding in the arena before and after church services.)


#A SPECIAL THANKS! We want to thank all of you who have been sending your tithes and offerings in to the Cowboy Church by snail mail or giving as you attend the services.


For those who wish to, (and we pray you do if you are not yet joining us in the building!) you may mail your offerings or arena roof donations to:


Gateway Cowboy Church

PO Box 45

Clark, Missouri 65243


Thanks again to all who are willing, and able, to give!


We are a Southern Baptist Church and our in-person and Facebook Live worship service times are Sundays at 11 am and Mondays at 7:00pm.


May the Good Lord Keep Your Trails Clear of Every Danger, and May all of them be Happy Trails for You and Your Families!

Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison c}:-{ (


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  May 2021  
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