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Howdy Pardners,


We pray you are all well and doing fine, as you shelter at home with your families. As you know, our Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, has issued a “Statewide Stay at Home Order” starting this Monday and going until April 24th. That has caused us to adjust and modify our schedule of events, and you can see that below in our “Calendar of Events”. We are certainly missing all of you, but we know it is only for a relatively brief time, and then we will get up and going, back into the swing of things. And our renewed energy, after our mandatory sabbatical, will all be for the glory of the Lord, as we move forward with great zeal and excitement for spreading the Good News that Jesus Saves to the Uttermost!


We are doing our best to stay in touch with all of you, both through this weekly newsletter, our church website, and with our messages and music on Facebook. Thanks to our excellent musicians that are sharing music on Facebook for our Sunday worship. MaryAnn and I also will be posting a Sunday message entitled, “The Number ‘40’ in God’s Time of Testing.” We will post it on Facebook tomorrow morning, Sunday April 5th.


Another thing we hope to do today is send a text message out to many of you today, asking how you and your family are doing, and seeing if there is anything we can do for you and how we can pray for you during this challenging time. You may answer me back in a private text. I will include my phone number for you to either text me, or even call me if you like. You may even answer this email newsletter if you would like and let us know how you are doing.


We want to thank all of you who have been sending your tithes and offerings in to the Cowboy Church by snail mail. We picked up about ten letters with offering checks in them just a few days ago at our P.O. Box in Clark, Missouri.

If you can mail your tithes and offerings in to our church mailbox in Clark, we will see that your offering gets into the church’s account. If your own pay has suffered during this time, we will certainly understand you’re not being able to give, and we will pray your income will soon be restored for you and your family.)

You may mail your offerings to:


Gateway Cowboy Church

PO Box 45

Clark, Missouri



Thanks again to all who are able to give!


By the way, if you are a church member and you have been laid off from your job or your income has been reduced, let us know. I don’t know for sure what we can do to help, but God has all the resources in the Universe that we will ever need, in Christ Jesus!


MaryAnn and I are praying for all of you and your families. We are also praying for the President, the Vice President, their great team, the Governor and his team, all medical personnel, delivery guys and truck drivers, grocery store workers, mail carriers, internet providers, and just everyone doing the vital tasks to keep us going, including our utility workers, and of course, our first responders. Do everything you can to stay safe, and even if you think you are going overboard, you probably are not, with this very contagious virus. (I will say, that I am also praying that our nation and world will turn from our sins and turn back to God. If this is an act of God, which I believe it is, either caused by or allowed by God, He is sending it upon the world for a reason. The world needs to listen, repent, and turn back to Him. I hope you will join me in this prayer.)

Dates are set for the following Cowboy Church Events:

Due to the Governor’s Statewide “Stay at Home Order” until April 24th, our schedule has had to be modified!

(We will be doing our Easter Service online on my Facebook Page and on the Cowboy Church’s Facebook Page!) Easter is Sunday April 12th

(Our Peep Shoot will be re-scheduled for later in the year!) Kids’ Peep Shoot (Was to be Saturday April 18th)

*(Postponed and new date to be announced later) Spring Horse Show (Was to be April 25th)

(Hopeful!) Spring Trail Ride May 16th

(Hopeful!) Barrel Race (June 6)

Chrome Christ and Cowboys (June 13th)

Vacation Bible School (July 6-10)

Buckaroo Fall Festivals (Sunday/Monday October 25 & 26)

A Breakfast for hunters on the opening day of Deer Season (November 14th,)


We are a Southern Baptist Church and our worship service times (When we start meeting again) are Sundays at 11 am with our Bible Stampede at 10 am, and Mondays at 7 pm.


May the Good Lord Keep Your Trails Clear of Every Danger, and May all of them be Happy Trails for You and Your Families!


Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison c}:-{ (
















































































































































































































  April 2020  
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