Weekly Cowboy Church Round-Up

Cowboy Church Round-Up Weekly Newsletter


Howdy Friends,


# The End of Daylight Savings Time is Here! Don’t forget to set your clocks back (Fall Back!) one hour this Saturday night, October 31st, so you won’t miss anything at Cowboy Church Sunday morning.

Our Buckaroo Fall Festival will be this Sunday (Only!) November 1st and will be from noon until 1 pm. (Bring coats and hats! Temperature is supposed to be 49 degrees with gusty winds!) (We will not have it on Monday this year!) We will have a hay ride, barrel train rides, a hay maze race, pumpkin painting, ring toss games and hotdogs and chips. All volunteers will wear masks indoors and rubber gloves. We will also REQUIRE the kids and adults to wear masks for the indoor activities. Touch surfaces will be sanitized throughout the events. Kids are invited to wear costumes, but no devils, witches please! Bring canned goods and kids’ toy donations for the Cowboy’s Christmas for Kids.

Don’t forget to VOTE on Tuesday, November 3rd. We all know how important this election is, so Christians definitely need to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

In consultation with our Point Riders for the Deer Hunter Breakfast we had planned on November 14th, and because of the Covid virus spread in Central Missouri, we have decided to cancel that event this year and try it again next year.


I want to thank our Church Family for remembering me for Pastor Appreciation Month. The signed card by so many members, plus the very generous financial gift was very much appreciated by both MaryAnn and me. Thanks to Cindy Green for getting that nice card and passing it all around the church. It feels good to be appreciated! Please know we greatly appreciate each and every one of you as well!


Our Worship Schedule is:

Sun Nov 1st Indoor Service at 11 am (Masks Encouraged unless you listen from your car or truck)

Sun Nov 1st – Buckaroo Fall Festival right after the 11 am morning worship service – Kids outdoor activities with social distancing, and for our indoor activities, masks required!)

Mon Nov 2nd– Indoor Service at 7 pm (Masks Encouraged unless you listen from your car or truck)


This Sunday we will still be using our FM Transmitter, and anyone not comfortable coming into the building to worship may stay in the church parking lot and tune to FM 89.7 on their radios and hear the entire service that way. Our transmitter will transmit up to 300 feet from our building. We will bring song sheets out to you and even a cup of coffee if you would like some! (We will also use the FM transmitter on Monday evenings at 7 pm for those who prefer to stay in their cars. If you worship from your car or truck on Mondays, bring a flash light, since it is dark now during the service.)


*** Let’s reserve the parking area between the propane tank and the outdoor pole light for those who are worshipping from their cars and trucks, on Monday nights, so they can have that light while they are out there! ***


The Book Study for “The Complete Green Letters” will begin again on Wednesday Nov 11th at 7 pm. We will review the first 9 Chapters that night and then on November 18th we will review chapters 10 through 18. Then on Dec 2nd we begin the next study in that book which is entitled “The Foundations of Spiritual Growth.”


Are you certain that you are accepted by God, and if so, on what basis? Do you know what resurrection life is? Do you know what your position in Christ Jesus is? Do you know what your condition is? Do you know Who connects your position with your condition? Do you understand that you were not only saved by Christ on the Cross, but that you were also crucified with Him on His cross? These things, and so much more, we talk about, consider, and seek to understand through our Scripture-based study of “The Complete Green Letters” by Miles J. Stanford. You do not need to understand these things to come to the study. You need only have a hungry heart for learning all that is yours in Christ Jesus.


If there is enough interest, we would be glad to start another study group for the “Complete Green Letters” on another night. I will be taking a survey of our Sunday and Monday church folks to see if there are any that would like to participate in a new study group. I frankly, would be very happy if all of our church family would be hungry to study these so-called, “Deeper things of the faith” or the, “not I, but Christ life.” Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)


Ron and Beth Brookshire are back home after weeks down in Louisiana working with the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Team doing mass feeding for folks affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. (They will give us a presentation on their relief work and have some slides to show Monday night.) The Missouri Baptists gave out 23,000 hot meals to the Hurricane victims. Ron and Beth also drove the two big mass feeding semi-trucks down to Louisiana and then back home to Missouri, making two round trips. We are proud of them and thank them for their dedication and hard work for those in need, all in the name of Jesus.


Our prayers continue for Clark Dalton, currently in the ICU at the University Hospital, and for John Burks, who is to have surgery on Monday.


With the generous donations we have already received from many of our church members and others, we currently have about $49,100 in our building fund available for the roof project ($85,400 is the total needed.). We hope to secure some funds from businesses in the Central Missouri area that might make a donation in return for a banner or metal sign advertising their business to be hung in the arena. If you want to know the donation amounts the wranglers decided on for businesses to get a certain size sign put in the arena, ask me, MaryAnn, or Cindy Green. The wranglers did also decide that individuals giving $100 or more to the arena roof project could have a plaque put up on our plaque wall at the arena in memory of a loved one.


If you would like to make a donation to our arena roof, just make your check out to the Gateway Cowboy Church and mark it “Arena Roof” in the notation area. Thanks, in advance, to all of you that plan to contribute to this Great Cowboy Church Project that will always be used for the Glory of the Lord!


You know the Story of the Talents, Jesus told in Matthew 25. A man gave each of his servants a certain amount of money as he was about to leave on a trip. When the man returned, he had each one come before him to give an accounting of what they had done with that money (talents) I was thinking about the arena roof and how we could raise that last $35,900. Many of you have already given, but what if each church member now thought about something they could do, or sell, perhaps on eBay, Craigslist, or FB Market Place, to make some money, and then give that money for the arena roof? Do you have an unused car, truck, tractor, farm implement, trailer, mower, tiller, painting, pile of firewood, a horse that someone else would enjoy, a piece of land? (Acts 4:34 & 35 “There were no needy among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put them at the apostle’s feet, and distributed to anyone who had need.”) You name it! Or could you do an odd job for a neighbor that he would pay you for and give that money to the Lord for the arena roof. Our church has committed to building this arena roof for the glory of the Lord to help us reach the Cowboy/Horse-loving Culture for Jesus in our Central Missouri area. Let’s get-er done for Him!



We want to thank all of you who have been sending your tithes and offerings in to the Cowboy Church by snail mail, or giving when you attend our services.


For those who want to, you may mail your offerings or arena roof donation to:


Gateway Cowboy Church

PO Box 45

Clark, Missouri 65243


Thanks again to all who are able to give!


We are a Southern Baptist Church and our worship service times are Sundays at 11 am and Mondays at 7 pm.


May the Good Lord Keep Your Trails Clear of Every Danger, and May all of them be Happy Trails for You and Your Families!


Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison c}:-{ (gtthccc.com)