Weekly Cowboy Church Round-Up

Cowboy Church Round-Up Weekly Newsletter

Howdy Pardners,

Happy 2018! We missed all of you last weekend! As you know, we canceled our services last Sunday and Monday because of the extreme cold and bitter wind chill.  

It is sometimes a tough call, deciding to have our services or not, when the roads are dry, but the temperatures are extremely cold.  I always check with our Wranglers, to get their opinions, besides listening to the weather forecast.  The Highway Patrol was also strongly suggesting folks stay home to be safe and not to put ourselves, or the First Responders, in danger if we have a breakdown. So we made that call. And our poor little church porta-potty bathroom would have been extremely difficult to heat in a 15 to 25 below zero wind chill, as it sits outside at that northwest corner of our building!

Right now, we plan to have our services this Sunday and Monday, but we are watching a freezing rain forecast for Sunday morning. If for any reason we have to cancel, we will again send you an email, put it on the website, and on our Facebook page.

This Sunday we will have our First Sunday of the Month Potluck Dinner after the worship service.  Bring a dish or two of your best recipes and we will all enjoy the great food and fellowship we always enjoy at our carry-in dinners. (If we have to cancel our Sunday service because of the freezing rain, and you have prepared something for the Potluck, at least you will have something good to eat at your home that day!)


Dave and Sue Binney say our movie on “Movie Night at the Cowboy Church” this month will be a true Western Movie Classic.  On Friday, January 26th at 7 pm, we will see the movie, “Big Jake,” starring John Wayne.  Let’s have a “Big Crowd” that night to enjoy the Duke in this awesome Western Classic Movie.


When we meet for cowboy church this Sunday and Monday, I will be sharing some visions and possibilities for the New Year and the Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church.  So come and hear the message, and help us plan and dream, as the Cowboy Church continues to follow the Lord’s leading in this New Year. You are all important to God, and to our Cowboy Church Family, as we continue to use our spiritual gifts and talents to glorify God, and to grow together in Spirit and in numbers.


We appreciate our church family members for keeping caught-up with your tithes and offerings to the church, even if we have to cancel a service or two.  Our church operating expenses stay the same, despite what the weather does.  Keeping up with your offerings to the Lord’s church is very important to the work of the cowboy church, so thank you very much for keeping your giving up to date!


And finally, just a reminder again, we have heard about a family in Higbee, Missouri, just down the road from the Cowboy Church, whose house burned to the ground right after Christmas. They are James and Elizabeth Dougherty and their five children.  The family is safe, but they lost everything in the fire.  We’d like to suggest we take a love offering for them this week to do our part to help this local family that is in such great need. Other churches and folks in the area are trying to help them as well.


God Bless and Happy Trails,

Pastor Dale and MaryAnn Larison c}:-{    Website www.gtthccc.com

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